F15 Mono Series

  • Working Voltage :-  24V DC / 36V DC / 12V DC

  • Protection Rating :-  IP68

  • Available CCT :-  2200-6500K

  • Available Colors :-  R/Y/G/B/LY

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Model: F15-24V-5050-72 F15-24V-5050-60 F15-24V-2835-72-CC F15-36V-5050-60 F15-24V-3528-72 F15-24V-3528-72
Working Voltage: 24V DC 24V DC 24V DC 36V DC 24V DC 12V Dc
Power per Meter: 15W 12W 10W 12W 5W 5W
Working Mode: CV CV CC IC Built-in CV CV CV
LED Type: SMD5050 SMD5050 SMD2835 SMD5050 SND3528 SMD3528
LED Qty / meter: 72pcs 60pcs 72pcs 60pcs 72pcs 72pcs
Available CT: 2200-6500K 2200-6500K 2200-6500K 2200-6500K 2200-6500K 2200-6500K
Available Colors: G/B/LY R/Y/G/B/LY G/B G/B/LY R/Y/G/B R/Y/G/B
Min. Cutting Unit: 6LEDs 6LEDs/10LEDs 6LEDs 10LEDs 12LEDs 6LEDs
Min. Cutting Length: 3.28″/8.33cm 10cm/16.67cm 3.28″8.33cm 6.56″/16.67cm 6.56″/16.67cm 3.3″/8.33cm
Max Length Single Feed: 32.8’/10m 32.8’/10m 49.2’/15m 49.2’/15m 49.21’15m 16.5’/5m
Max Length Double Feed: 65.62’/20m 65.62’/20m 98.43’/30m 98.43’/30m 98.43’/30m 32.8’/10m
Lumen Maintenance: 70,000 Hours L70@ 25*C, 50,000 Hours L70@ 50*C
Material: Eco PVC
Protection Rating: IP68
Min. Bending: Dia 8cm
Beam Angle: 120*
Dimmable: Yes
Bending Direction: Horizontally
Installation Temp.: 0*C to +55*C
Ambient Temp.: -25*C to +55*C
Warranty: 3 Years or 5 Years




constant voltage power supply
20w- 600w optional
non waterproof & ip67 optional

0-10V Dimmer
0-10V Drive
0-10V Power Supply

DMX dimming Driver
DMX dimming Control

DALI Dimmer
DALI Driver
DALI Power Supply